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19 April 2017 | Автор: Николай Горшков

Minsk meets the Fourth International Conference for Business Partners and Developers of Gem4me Messenger

There are events in everyone's life that can be compared with the "vertical takeoff" to a new quality of life, to new opportunities and unlimited space for realization of his most daring and ambitious goals and initiatives.

There are many talented, successful and very famous persons in the world who create a new trend in the industry of modern information technologies almost every day. As a rule, they are ambitious and professional, their successful developments are used by millions of people and their project worth tens of billions of dollars. So the fact is that a great number of people would like to see and hear ones, as well as to get the live experience of the place where the projects are created.

It's truly hard for me to believe it, but that's exactly where I will be: in just a few days I'm going to participate in the event where developers of many successful projects, in particular, of well-known Gem4me mobile app will take part.
So, more than 300 representatives from various countries across the globe will take part at the International Conference devoted to Gem4me messenger, that will hold on 21-22 April in Minsk. And we can already say that this event will open a new page in the history of mobile apps development!

Follow my site's news feed about all the news and events. I will inform you in full about the prospects and opportunities.

It will comes hot!

Nikolay Gorshkov

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Download free messenger Gem4me and earn with it!
Download free messenger Gem4me and earn with it
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