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Gem4me messenger

Perspectives for Gem4me investors

A profitable opportunity to become an investor and co-owner of the company on its final stage of financing with minimum risk.
The founder is sharing high profit under 2 conditions:

  • Project’s financing based on crowd investing, i.e., the investment has the character of supporting a social project,
  • The investment amount is from $3000 up to not more than $100.000, what gives the right of receiving dividends without the right of control of the company.

Shareholders income will be generated from the sale of the product developed by the company – the social messenger. Development initiation date – 2014, completion date – 2017.

All investment funds are directed to the development and advertising of the Gem4me messenger.
We create a high-value product.
The messenger is:

a) Digital platform for free and secure communication,

b) Built-in plugin for zero-commission money transfers between the messenger users,

c) Meeting place for buyers and sellers, equipped with special marketing tools: Marketplaces and Public Chats,

d) Additional source of income from advertising and transaction revenue.

Deal benefits:

  • Tolally legal and has a transparent legal structure (the legal support of the deal is provided by one of the best law firms in Europe),
  • Finished product stage (the messenger is ready and available for download via Play Market and App Store),
  • Mass product use (7000-10 000 new interested users are connected daily, 2 000 000 installations for 9 months),
  • Experience, competence and professional history of developers (Alexander Shatrov - formerly the head of Viber development team, Viktor Stepanov - formerly technical director of RBK-Money),
  • Successful experience of previous sales (the developers' products: Viber was sold for $900 million in 2014, Playtika was sold for $4.4 billion in 2016),
  • Booming IT market (companies were sold for billions),
  • Support by multi-thousand Army of Fans,
  • Innovation in the financial sphere (Financial plug-in – it is know-how),
  • Scalability through the involvement of entrepreneurs,
  • Prospect of the price growth: the estimated value of the Chinese analogue – $87 billion.

Estimated profitability: more than 5,000 percent.

The time for investment is up to 30.06.2017.
Similar deals: $1 million invested in Viber returned $900 million profit.

Return on investment of the Investment Packages:

Invest 1:  €3240. 54 privileged shares included. Estimated profitability €162 000

Invest 2:  €6480. 108 privileged shares included. Estimated profitability €324.000

Invest 3:  €9720. 162 privileged shares included. Estimated profitability €486.000


Invest 23:  €74520. 1242 privileged shares included. Estimated profitability €3.726.000


Detailed information in the Presentation from the Board of Directors of Gem4me Investments Plc:


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Economists conclusion: "That is a multi-billion dollar business".